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Hair Treatment

Tested and Proven Hair Regrowth System

Experience luscious hair regrowth and say goodbye to damaged hair with Mr. Leonardo. Schedule a free consultation to see how our system can reverse your hair loss.

Revolutionary Hair Regrowth System

Mr. Leonardo Hair Growth Center is famous for our hair care system that targets hair breakage and damage. This carefully formulated hair loss treatment helps regrow hair and promotes a dandruff-free scalp. The system includes:

Mr. Leonardo Hair Growth Products • Intensive Growth Cream
• Fast Grow Formula Oil Moisturizer with Growth Stimulant
• Clean and Grow Formula Shampoo
• Phase I and II Deep Intensive Grow Leave-In Conditioner
• Miracle Hair Drops Hair Growth System
Woman Using Hair Growth Improvement Woman Showing Hair Improvement Woman Showing Healthy Hair

Effective Results

Mr. Leonardo Hair Growth and Hair Maintenance Products have proven effective for hair loss or damage due to:

• Alopecia
• Micro-Braids
• Glue-Ins
• Lace Front Wigs
• 27 Pieces
• Weaves
• Medication
• Bad Relaxers
• Heredity
Before and After Hair Treatment

When the system is used properly, it can restore edges, balding sides and crowns, and receding hairlines for men, women, and children. It also helps stop hair from breaking, thinning, and shedding, and soothes an itchy scalp.

The Ultimate Hair Growth System

The Ultimate Hair Growth System

Relaxer System Products

Relaxer System

Stop hair breakage and leave it feeling silky to the touch with the Silk Relaxer System, Mr. Leonardo Silk Conditioning Creme Relaxer/Perm

System includes:

• Silk Conditioning Neutralizing Shampoo
• Mr. Leonardo Silk Foam Wrap
• Mr. Leonardo Silk Protein Penetrating Conditioner (Liquid Leave-In)
• Mr. Leonardo Silk Crème Relaxer

Finger Wave Training DVD

Style silky soft, long-lasting, and amazing finger waves without gels or setting lotions. The Finger Wave Training DVD is a three-part video that teaches you how to style finger waves on hair of different lengths and textures. In 50 minutes, you can perfect your craft and feel confident offering finger waves as one of your service offerings.

Finger Wave System

Finger waves can be re-combed and made to look like new, even if your perm is a month old! You can develop your own finger waves at home using Mr. Leonardo's Finger Wave system, which consists of:

• Mr. Leonardo Clean and Grow Formula
• Mr. Leonardo Fast Grow Formula Oil Moisturizer
• Mr. Leonardo Phase I Deep Intensive Grow Leave-In Conditioner
Training DVD

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