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"I was very doubtful that anything could ever work for me because I had tried everything on the market. I heard about Mr. Leonardo products, came in, and got a consultation and decided to give the products a try. The results have been amazing in only five months. I am so grateful."
-Atlanta, GA
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"I have known Mr. Leonardo for 25 years. The products saved my hair. My hair had come out, became bald in the top of my head. My hair was very thin and when combing my hair, my hair was falling out. I started using Mr. Leonardo's products and I'm so happy with the results. No hair falling out, my hair is very soft and thick, no more bald spots. My hair is shiny and manageable. I would not change to another product ever. Thank you Mr. Leonardo!"
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"I have natural hair and have a hard time keeping my curly hair untangled and not frizzy. Mr. Leonardo Hair Growth System stopped my breakage and tamed my frizzy hair. It also makes it easy to straighten and curl. I love this product!"
-B. Watkins
"Your products are top-notch! My hair was dry and damaged. I wanted to get a hair regime that worked for me so I came into your center for a consultation. I purchased your relaxer system and it worked great! There were no burns on my sensitive scalp and a beautiful texture and shine on my hair! Check out my before and after pictures."
-Atlanta, GA
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"I must say that Mr. Leonardo's Products work! I normally do a touch-up relaxer every six weeks and now using Mr. Leonardo's Relaxer System it is relaxed every three to four months. My hair has just taken off in growth. In three months I had four inches of growth. My fiancé’s hair is not only thickening up, it is filling out. It has made me a believer."
-R. Stanford
"When I first came to Mr. Leonardo my hair was coming out by the comb full. I also had a bald spot in the lower crown of my head. Mr. Leonardo applied the Fast Grow Oil Moisturizer to my hair and I instantly saw results. As I continued to use the Hair Growth Products I saw less hair in the comb.

I am a witness that Mr. Leonardo's Products work. The bald spot is full and the rest of my hair is thick and full. I had tried many different products on the bald spot and nothing happened until I used Mr. Leonardo.

I love this product and will continue to use it.

Thank you Mr. Leonardo"

-B. J. Hunter
"I suffered from chronic dandruff, flaking, and itchy scalp. My hair was very wiry and very hard to control. After using Mr. Leonardo’s hair growth system, I am thrilled it has worked 110% for me."
-Atlanta, GA
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